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My son was raised in church, was attending college had a good job and moved out of the house into his own place against my wishes. He then got in a ungodly relationship with a woman who was separated from her husband , she gave birth to my son baby and took the baby and went back to her husband. My son became depressed he lost his apartment, quit his job and during this time was attacked with some skin disorder, he met a woman online , went off yelling at me I was the fault of all his failures and disappeared for 3 years. He shows up at my home August 2019 with all sorts of demons using him, looking wide eyed, looking disheveled, rubber shoes. Making all sorts of accusations against me, horrible beliefs about me that are not true, disrespectful, in a rage about the past. Which always paints me as the enemy. I have had to put him out 3 times since he came back and because it is winter and he has some skin affliction that had surgery recently I let him move back into my home temporarily. But this time he is verbally abusive, brazen, he lies allot, and even more disrespectful. It’s like my son is dead and the young man who returned home is demon possessed.
I have pray and anointed my home. Yet there are strongholds in his life. Please touch and agree with me that my son finds some place else to live before April 1. I don’t want him living with me nor do I want him living in a shelter or on the street. The guilt of that would break my heart. I don’t harm to come to him. So please touch and agree with me that my son Solomon is delivered of the demons that have him bound and that he also moves
out of my home before April 1, 2022. my son is 30 years old, because he is spiritually dead and allowing Satan to use him I want him out if my home. I have so much going on at work. And the stress of this reunion is too much. I don’t trust him. I just want my son to move out of my home into his own place. I have prayed for his deliverance and he seems to be worst then he was before. I need peace in my home.
Not this young man who is allowing the enemy to use him. Please pray my strength in the Lord. Thank you Jesus!

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