Soften our hearts for Gods will to be done

by Chad ()

I please ask anyone and community to help pray for my marriage for we had both lost our way, I, the husband was tempted by pornography and alcohol during a trying time in our marriage and fell short of glory and did not allow God to be first, my wife did not have God in her life either and wanted me to fail vs praying for my change..we have been separated for some time and both have found God, I realize the path we have taken is wrong and have given my life to the lord, we have two small children and I want nothing more than them to grow up in a loving home with their mother and father, please allow both of our hearts to change and soften towards one another and pray we can find our way back to one another, I ask God to restore and heal us both and for us to see the good in one another, help me pray for us to continue to glorify god and stay as 1 for the devil wants to tear apart the love we have. Please forgive us God in all our wrong doings and help to restore everything we built together! I love and care for her and no my mistakes but they do not define me and I am a changed man, allow her to see that in me and feel a presence when near me, I pray God puts his hands over both of us and heals us to be able to speak the truth of his word and tell others how real God is and can be able to tell our story one day of not giving up and how the Lord saved our marriage. I have seen his work in the last few months and now my prayers thank him for what he will do in the future, I do believe he will lead us back to each other in his time once he believes we have both been redeemed in his image, please pray for Chad and Whitney! I pray for you all to be blessed and for there to be much more of the lord and less of us in this world. bless you all, and I pray everyone is healed, given peace and comfort! He is real, continue to glorify him and never give up! Amen!

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