Soften a cruel heart


Please heal our marriage open my husband heart and soul change him fill him with the holy spirit that he repents for all the hurt and cruelty he has but upon me and my children i have prayed for him many many times but his evil heart and cruel ways are still upon him, the devil has filled him with anger, cruel ways, a empty heart, no feelings a heart made of steel!!!!! The devil has filled him with evil no regards for our catholic faith or respect toward anything holy!! GOD Please please but your hands over him fill his heart with the holy spirit change him that he becomes a man of GOD!! PLEASE show him a sign that he one day repents for all he has done to me!! I know this is much to ask for but i know you and only you can change him i want us to be a family of GOD!! I Shall follow you every day of my life, amen and amen cast away all the evil spirits that surround us!!! cm

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