Sister-in-Law Sabotaging My Effort to Reconcile with Friends

by Jenny ()

The other day, the Lord put it on my heart to repent and apologize to a few people from my past. It has taken me years to get to this point. Not wanting to interfere with their lives, I wrote a heartfelt message to them all (without naming names) on my Facebook wall and left it public. I was so happy when my childhood friend saw my message and forgave me! Others got in touch to share heartfelt messages. I felt such a weight lift from my shoulders.

Today my sister-in-law, who shares similar friends, posted a barbed message on her own Facebook, indirectly casting doubt on whether people can be forgiven! (The meme is very specific about and applicable to a friend who is halfway in the world and half in the church.) This is after she posted a loving comment on my message and sent me a friendly invitation yesterday.

My sister-in-law knows how sincerely I’ve wanted to make peace with these friends, for years. So for her to post a comment casting doubt on the ability to forgive people is a really low blow. The people who have forgiven me will see her message and might reconsider based on her brainwashing. I feel so betrayed. She’s a sister in Christ, supposedly. She has always been jealous of two of my relationships because they were stronger than with her, and I think that’s her motivation.

Please pray for our Father to BLOCK all negative, diabolical/demonic, jealous, manipulative, sabotaging, brainwashing SPIRITS, in the name of Christ Jesus, and keep the Devil from sabotaging forgiveness and possible reconciliation between me and former friends. Father, do NOT let Satan use my sister-in-law to cast doubt on my sincerity…and my witness! God bless you all my fellow prayer warriors! To HIM be the glory, in Christ. Amen.

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