Single Parent

by Roszine (Romulus, Michigan,)

I am praying that my life will turn around in a postive way. I have been a hard working single mother, since I was 18. I have 2 daughters, 1 adult, and 1 soon to be 13. they seem to don’t care about whats going on with me, but always needs something. I have been struggling with them, and they seem not to care until I get sick. I pray that God will turn them around for the good. Its seems like the devil have been attacking me in so many directions, through my kids, the job I’m currently at. The company I work for, have no respect for people who works hard, they yelled and talk to you like you are nothing. I am praying for everyone who is going throught what I am going through, especially single parents. I feel like giving up, but I can’t because God wont give up on me. I have been praying for about 8 years for God to open another job for me , show me the right connection to open another busy instead of running someone else company who don’t care about your own life. I’m tired of being single and tired of people trying to use me and take my kindenss for granted. I want to enjoy life now and go back and finish college. I am so tired of the devils attacks. I rebuke him in the name of Jesus. Please pray for my relationship with my girls, they need to learn if you wants something you have to work for it and be thankful for it. My prayer for myself is to start worrying about taking care of my onw needs instead of others. It seems like I have been prayer for so many years, and still in the same situations. I help to many people for me to go through what I going throgh. I am ready for people to see the gift and talent God has given me. Amen.

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