Single Parent Prayer for Guidance

Dear God, I know I have failed. You say that you walk before me and only give what I can handle but I feel I have lost my way. I prayed and believed and still was beaten. I prayed and fasted and still was in financial failing. I know you are true and real, but I’m not reaching you nor hearing you and I’m scared.

My child needs to be more responsible, I can’t afford what his choices are, but his future depends on it. I can’t stop the thoughts and stories and problem from running through my mind and cant sleep. I can’t figure out a financial solution. I can’t enforce my child to change. I’m afraid that my health is suffering. I have no support system. I have no actionable plan or process to get a result of relative peace.

I need you to quiet my mind. I need you to dry the tears, bc I can’t keep crying at work and keep my job. I need you to speak to my child to direct their path. I need to know that I’m worth waking up each morning and have more of a purpose than hurt, worry, sadness, and failure.

Please don’t give up on me and my child.

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  1. Faith

    You are both wonderful Mother’s

    My prayers are with you and your children

    Please go to church each Sunday

    I know he wants HE wants to see you

  2. best prayer for single mums

    i prayed ths prayer as i have a child who jst lost it in the site of God.i love her so much wnt her to live a life of examplery to her siblings and other teenagers in neighborhood.i pray like this woman of God dat my prayers and worries bout my children would be heard in heaven in the mighty name of Jesus amen.

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