Single Mom of Three, I need help, Lord

by Jamie (Utah)

Dear Father in Heaven,

I have been looking or meaningful work for a year now, and tho I get a lot of interviews, it hasn’t been leading to offers of employment. I have recently applied for an amazing job, using my degree and talents to help others. I got interviewed and now I await their answer. If it be your will Lord, please guide the hearts of those involved to give me the chance. My house has been foreclosed on, my ex-husband is behind on child support and I am in desperate need. Guide me to where I need to be, and thank you Lord for the lessons you are teaching me right now. I will never again take any good fortune for granted and will take this experience to show more compassion and love to those who have hit rock bottom like I have.

I praise and adore you God. You are merciful, loving and true. Bless all those who are struggling please.