single mom of 2 boys

by Jeannie (Chatt Tenn)

dear god, im not very good at this because ive never had to ask for help but as you know im a single mother and just got out a really bad 10 year relationship.ive had to move out of state because my boyfriend had said hes going kill me and had had tryed to kill me im in the process of having to get me and my childrens name changed so he cant find me imhave no job no home and no car i have to start all over im am on ssi because im not able to work because he had me hit by a car april of last year im living with my sister until i get back on my feet i have aot of unpaid bills and nothing to move forward with to get back on my feet im very ashamed to have to ask for help but i dont know what else to do im doing it for my children i want them to have someone to look up to and right now i am none to look up to i have nothing to offer them right now and i want to change that im not asking for a hand out i will pay everything back once im on my feet so please help me get ahead for my childrens sake

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