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2 Corinthians 1:20 Everything that God has promised becomes‘Yes’ because of Christ.That is why,by Christ,we can thank God.By him,we can agree that all God’s promises are true.And we can say how very great and good God is.

We are asking God to answer to prayer with a resounding “YES!” and “AMEN!” in accordance with the promise found in His Word:

Matthew 7 Jesus teaches
7‘Go on asking God for what you need. And then you will receive.Go on looking for what you need.And then you will find it.Go on knocking at the door.And then God will open it for you.
8 Everyone who asks for something will receive it.Everyone who looks for something will find it.God will open the door for everyone who knocks on it.
9 Some of you are fathers.You would not give your son a stone when he asks you for some bread.
10 You would not give your son a snake if he asks you for a fish.
11 Even if you are bad,you know how to give good things to your children.Your Father above knows much better than you do how to give good things.So he will give good things to those people who ask him.’
Ephesians 3:20 God is able to do so much more than we could ever ask.He is able to do so very much more than we could even think.He does such great things because he works so powerfully in us.
Ephesians 3:21 So certainly,the church(God’s people)should show always how very great and good God is.The church should show this,by Christ Jesus.They will never stop showing it.

I want The Spirit of the LORD will rest upon my, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and power, the Spirit of knowledge and fear of the LORD.
I want My delight will be in the fear of the LORD.
won’t judge by what eyes see, nor decide disputes by what ears hear,
I want Righteousness will be the sash around my loins, and faithfulness the belt around my waist.”

I want to ask Heavenly Father to do everything Beautiful in my life and for my life through the Holy Spirit

I want to ask God The Father for angels In the places of Heaven and in the places of the earth to act in my favor

I want to ask God the Father for the Holy Spirit to manifest in my life and through my life

Iwant to ask God the Father to talk to me from the Bible

*LORD, open your *heavens and come down (to earth).
Touch the mountains so that they give out smoke.
Send *flashes of *lightning to frighten (your enemies).
Shoot your *arrows and destroy them.
Put your hand down from high (in the *heavens).
Take me from the dangerous waters.
Make me safe from the hands of foreign people.

*LORD of ( *huge) armies –
I raise my hands to you.
I want you as badly as dry ground (wants rain). *
Answer me soon, *LORD. I am losing hope.
Do not hide your face from me.
(If you do) I will be as those (people) that go down into the *Pit.
I want to hear news of your kind love in the morning.
(This is) because I am *trusting in you.
Show me what I should do.
Show me because I have asked you (to show me).

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