Sickness: prayer for strong immune system

by Cindy (Los Angeles)

Dear God and St Jude an drew online readers,

I am desperate For a quick recovery. I thank you I no longer have to take antibiotics but please St Jude’s give me a strong immune system so I do not get sickness so easily. I have been sick 3-4 times this year with the stomach flu an so severe cough congestion. Please alleviate my stress because I am in grad school and cannot get things done properly if I’m sick. I prayed the novena prayer about my helath a few years ago, and I noticed you answered my prayer so bc I didn’t not get sickness for 2-3 years!!!

So I am faithfully asking again. Please heal me. My soul, my body, and mind. Keep my positive, energetic, healthy, and motivated.

Thank your God, Jesus, and st. Jude.

Love always,