show me what to do

by Vickie (Fairfield Camille)

Our fathet i am ineef of you strenght and inbetwwen an obisticsl. God im unablie to find a room to rent that i cam afford so i may have no othet chance thsn to move out of stste in which it hurts y heart so for my son faughter inlaw are expecting my 2 nd grand baby. My sidter eont let me libe in my mothets housr i dont know why she hates me along with her don to. Im devastated feel like a no body. No one wants. Why do they hate me so god. Why cant they love me too. I dont want to leave my mothers home thats all iv got to remind me of her for my sidter took it all.please help me god i need and ask for your help so bad.please i believe in you love you and know you hear what im writting

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