Short Prayer Requests – March 13th, 2013


I wish you a lot of happy times and hope you write to me on fb. I wish you health and good things in your life and god bless you, jason

– Patricia

Prayer for Good Weather

Heavenly father, we pray that you might spares us rain and bless us with brilliant sunshine, we trust that you will grant us a beautiful day filled with blessings….in faith we pray.. amen


Protection from people troubling me

I just pray I can go to work without being scared from these boys who tried to hurt me and that they will be punished. Amen

– Ainka

Prodigal Son

Please pray for my son that is our of God’s way and needs to clelan himself from the staff he is using. He needs to know the only happiness is our Father on heaven and for his girlfriend. My other two boys that God will continue blessing and for my familyl and their kids and for the job I urgent need. I ask this in the power name of Jesus.

– Marl

A Birthday Prayer for my Daughter

Heavenly Father, Please bless pretty today is her birthday give her all the blessings from the heaven, lord keep her free from illness and sadness ,father please Bless her Give her the courage to follow in your light.

In your Name I pray


– Mini

Help with depression

Please god can you help me over come this depression, i have wanted to meet you 3 times, you have not wanted me with you, you have made me, please give me a reason to get up in the morning, to live again.

– Sarah

This too Shall Pass

Lord i pray that u give my son joseph another chance that he comes home with me today.


I Need Help

Hello I’m Ashley from brooklyn New York.

I’ve been struggling financially for almost a year. I have no job and my fiancee(Edward) is in a homeless shelter. We dont want to be apart anymore. He’s not having any luck finding a job 6 months with no luck. Please pray for us so that he can find work and we can be together again.

– Ashley