Shine Your Perfect Light

by Mother Dear ()

Father God, I ask for forgiveness of all my sins. I thank you for all my trials and tribulations so far. This morning my heart is very heavy and I can only turn to you for comfort. My oldest daughter is struggling with raising her 10 year son. My son inlaw is in the Military and is away at the moment. My daughter and son I law have three sons. A five year old and newborn. She is a very patient, brilliant, beautiful, loving and savvy young woman. However, the trials of trying to be to be perfect has deemed her heavily. My ten year old grandson is a very outgoing and up and coming basketball player. He’s gets good grades in school and has an amazing personality. He’s very charming and impressionable. Recently, since his dad has been away, my daughter shorten her reigns and has allowed my grandson to visit close friends and even spend the night. My daughter is one to check out the parents throughly first. Anyways, since Covid as you know kids are bored. With that being said, my daughter put her guard down and let my grandson have a overnight with a neighbor friend. She has just learned he was violated, by his friend and the friend’s father. Not only that but another neighbor an older gentleman has also been talking very openly with my grandson about Porn with young boys. As you can imagine, I’m sick, my daughter is sick and my grandson is confused and sick as well. My daughter lives in another state. I gave her my best advice. I prayed and am still praying, but I’m lost. Help me please to help my family. This I wasn’t ready for. I need to see your light shine bright. There is hope. I know it. I feel it. I don’t have answers or even a resolution, but I know you do. Please take this burden and show me your light of resolution, peace and comfort in knowing you got this. Only you know the truth. Please help us individually as well. You already know are needs, truths and untruths. Please show me the sign of LIGHT.

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