Shine the Spotlight on Jesus Miracle

by Stacey ()

Our Father—Lord God, God the Son—Jesus Christ, and God our Comforter—the Holy Spirit, I humbly come before Thee asking for a Great Miracle. God, the Trinity, I know that You performed miracles in the Old and New Testament. In the New Testament, God, You sent Your Only Son (Jesus) to Earth to live and die in order for us (Your Children) to have Eternal Life. God, Your Son Jesus, paid the ultimate price and sacrifice for our sins. You are such a Loving, Just, Forgiving, and On-Time God. I Believe in Your Word, Lord God. I Believe that You have performed miracles since the beginning of time—by creating the Heavens and the Earth. Lord God, you allowed Moses to deliver Your Children out of Egypt by splitting the Red Sea. Lord God, You delivered Daniel from the Lion’s den. Lord God, You allowed your Amazing Grace to save a wretch like me. Lord God, I Believe in You and I know that You are still performing Miracles today. I am praying and asking for you to touch and transform my Earthly Father—Eugene’s body into a non-cancerous state. Lord God, I know that Your Will can be done here—on Earth as it is in Heaven. Lord God, I am asking for You to Shine Your Light on Earth through my Dad, so that others will be able to witness and profess the Goodness of Thee—a Miracle; therefore YOU will get the Glory. We give testimonials of your Grace and Mercy that has sustained our family to this day thus far. We will continue to Praise your name—Lord God. We ask for you to restore our Christian Fellowship within a Church home where our family can worship together as a whole and allow You to use our talents for Your good. We Trust and Believe in You All—The Trinity. We cast all of our Cares upon You Lord. We Believe in Miracles. We are looking for You—Lord God to perform a Miracle within Daddy’s (Eugene’s) Earthly temple (body). Lord God, Daddy has allowed You to use him as a vessel to help with at-risk children within our community in the past. Lord God, I Believe that You will raise Dad up and allow him to be a present-day Testament of your Love and Miracle-working Power. Lord God, Daddy will proclaim Your Gospel and confess Your Goodness to the world. Lord God, Your Light will shine through Daddy and He will bring new souls to You. We will all continue to confess with our hearts and mouth, so that others will see and know Your Works and Draw nearer to Thee (Lord God). I Believe and Receive Your Word and upcoming Miracles and will Act according towards my Brethren (Your People), Most Gracious God. In All Things that are of You God, We give Thanks. We are asking for others to stand in agreement with our family and pray for Daddy’s Transformation and Uplifting here on Earth. We know that when two or more touch or agree in prayer, then prayers are answered through You (Lord God). Praying for a Miracle and are trusting in You (Lord God) with all our heart and Leaning not to our own understanding for Daddy. In all of our ways, We will Acknowledge You (Lord God). In Jesus’ Name, I Pray—We All Pray. AMEN. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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