Shield Us Father

by Tiffany ()


I come to you on this beautiful day to ask for your Protection against any and every bad spirit that is taking place against our Nation, Father please protect your Children against evil that walks this world, continue to allow Your children to walk along side of you , listening, accepting your wisdom and walking in your light, take any and every NEGATIVE Spirits and Thoughts from us, so we can show our inner smile, shadow your children my father that has acts of cruelty, take away all the violence and hatred that floats our world demand Love that you have blessed everyone with to show each other and hinder all the WRONG INTENTIONS, stop them in their tracks. Please protect Your children that goes without, wash your blessing upon the families that continue to struggle, Bring Light to every wrong situation… Please my lord, Guide us to your to your UNDERSTANDING.

Thank you Father for accepting us, for molding us, for teaching us, for correcting us, for holding us, and for lessons learned. Thank you Father for your blessings and the guidance when we needed it the most, Father you are our provider, MAKE OUR HEART RIGHT. We call upon your name and ask for your Deliverance, Father please protect our loved one’s, Please protect the strong men and women that are fighting for our peace. Father bless the ill, protect the men and women that is away from their world just to provide for their Families, whisper in our families ear telling them that we love them and will see them soon, Protect our children Father from predators, and please direct your attentions to the misunderstood and force them to see that theirs ONLY ONE GOD!

Provide Justice for the one’s that lost their life to what wasn’t justified…Father Protect our Hearts and create more love before their isn’t any HOPE.

Thank you for the salary that I am blessed with, My first home, the car of my choice, the business that is successful, and the Desires of My heart, in Jesus Name I continue to PRAY AMEN.

Alway your Daughter that don’t want nothing other then my closeness to You…

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