She loved me truly and did everything possible for my happiness

by Jimmy ()

Dear lord,

I loved nilu very much ever since I got to know her. We were very happy together. She loved me truly and did everything possible for my happiness. But lord I feel that I didn’t do anything for her, and from past few months I behaved very badly. I treated her very badly but still she loved me unconditionally. But a time came when she was very much hurt because of me, and also some situations in her family were such that she stopped talking to me. I tried my best to bring her back but I failed. Lord I am really guilty for all my mistakes and I seek forgiveness for my bad behaviour. I know that she loves me very much, and I have realised that I love her truly and my life is empty without her. I have realised my mistakes and I will never repeat them. Please forgive me lord for all my sins and mistakes and I promise to become a better human being. Lord please fill her heart with love for me again. Lord please bring her back in my life and bless us so that we can spend our whole life together. Lord make her realise that I still love her the same and that I won’t hurt her again. Forgive me lord and break all the barriers that are between me and her so that I can get her back in my life. I will do everything possible to keep her happy. I pray in the name of the almighty father, son and the holy spirit.