Shana’s blessings

by George ()

Father, I come to you today in asking for your blessings for Shana. Father she is so in need of your love and support and blessings for this matter of her to retain the money to have documents that has been willed to her.
Father I have struggled desperately in the attempts of trying to achieve the task of getting loans and I have had nothing but complete failure. Father yesterday we experienced a true heartbreak of another let down that was due from being taken advantage of from individuals that care nothing about their fellow man and strive to steal anything and everything. It was such a disappointment that it was the hardest I’ve ever cried in my whole entire life. She cried so hard that she admitted to me that she had become fragile and chilled. Follow that too broke my heart and made me cry harder and longer in my failure of trying to achieve this task. Father this is a woman that visit your house every Sunday 4 to 5 hours a week and sometimes through the week for prayer and asking‘s of your blessings for your help. Father she loves you very deeply as I do and we need you so bad right now as we do always. Father we have hope, we have faith and we have love deeply for each other but our hearts have been totally torn and ripped into complete half’s that they repair seems like it will take an eternity to be mended in full once again.
Father I ask of you too give us the strength for direction of your understanding and to help us and to bless Shana to obtain what she needs in life. Father Give me the strength to achieve this much-needed achievement so we can continue to give to those in need and to those who are lost in disparity.
Father please send her your blessings, father please touch her heart and soul with your spirit and embrace her need of your blessings.
Lord I pray to you and your precious name and your precious love amen.

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