Sexually abuse on Aiden

by Isabel Roel ()

Hello i have been praying for my Grandson( Aiden)..I put his name because hes a person hes a person that needs daughter got w a man that is 10 yrs older than he hits her and he has been sexually abusing Aiden for 3.1/2 yrs..I have called the police and CPS i have shared custody..I live in Sa.Tx the system hete is so broken Aiden told hid doctor this was happening and told SAPD that (JAY) was putting a knife on his stomach and hurting his butt and his middle part. Jay makes me ( Fuck him)..I pray that some how some way someone out here can help us..My grandson doesnt eat hes so sad and his little heart is broken ..ill never stop being his voice..I tell him to pray He says Jesus doesnt live him..So i tell The Angels do..He doesnt understand why this is happening to him..i dont understand..Jesus plz send someone smart that can help us ..Please Jesus we need a Good lawyer that can give me full custody of my grandson..Please Jesus save my grandson no child deserve this..If anything plz keep me and my grandson in prayer..I believe the power moves mountains.Thank you God bless

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