Severe Anxiety & depression that may lead to heart trouble or stroke

by Brian (Milwaukee, WI, USA)

Lord Jesus Christ,

You knew me before you created me. I do understand that perhaps I have to suffer for the salvation of others. I accept that. However, my anxiety sufferings are beyond what you expect me to suffer. It is interfering with the talents you blessed me with to serve you. What a waste it is to to be on this medication that calms me, but renders me useless to your service.

As a child and a teen I felt so close to you. I also endured a great betrayal as you have. All my friends in jealousy ruined my reputation! This betrayal goes beyond my psychological well being it is effecting my physical well being as well causing dangerous blood pressure spikes! Our family has a history of heart disease as you know my God. Please let my blood pressure be lowered successfully medically by the doctors or miraculously by You the greatous physician who knows every fiber of my being!

I am so sorry for all of my past, present and future sins! If my life results in a failure of body even though I’m a young man, noting would make me happier than to eternally be with You,Grandpa, my buds Louis and Chris, and to be a child again. As you have said no one can enter the Kingdom of God without the faith of a child. I have that faith! Anyone who reads this please pray for me! Lord Hear my prayer! And let my cry come unto you Amen!