SET FREE and No More

by Deborah ()

Please Pray 🙏 in Name ➕ JESUS for that man B Cell Phone📱to be Destroyed- (to be No More)
Now 100% & For Good -So he Can Not use his Cell Phone for Evil,Blackmail & Sin-
So he Can Not No More
(Either One)
Destroyed and No More
Pray🙏 in Name ➕JESUS that
man B will Not have my
Phone📱No More and will Forget it and Not beable to Get it

Pray 🙏 in Name ➕JESUS
I will Not be Blackmail by that
Man B Tomorrow -Will Not
and i’ll.Never be Blackmail Again by him.and Not by any One Else
Prayers 🙏 in Name ➕JESUS
I’ll Never be Blackmailed Again
By that Man B and Not by anyone
Starting Now No More and Never Ever Again

Please Pray 🙏 in Name ➕JESUS
that man B will Not Call me Tonight Will Not want to No More
OR Will Not beable to (Will Not)
Pray 🙏 in Name ➕JESUS
That man B will Not Tonight &
Will Not in the Morning -No Phone Calls from him at all

Pray 🙏 in Name ➕JESUS for me to be Protected & Setfree from.that Man B Now 100% & Forever
No More Text, No More Calls,
No More Blackmail, and No More him wanting to be with me,
Pray🙏 in Name ➕JESUS that man B will Lose his interest in me Now 100% will No Longer Obsees over me,Will Respect my Faith and how I Feel and Will Get out my Life Now 100% and Forever and Leave me Alone and will Accept I’ve been forgiven by ➕JESUS and I’ve Come Back home to my SAVIOR & Not Bother me No More -Not Try to Get me Back into Sin and Keep me there -Pray 🙏 in Name ➕JESUS for me to be Protected & Setfree 100% Now & Forever From
that Man B –
Prayer🙏 in Name ➕JESUS for all to End Now & Forever and to End
Peacefully No One Mad &
No One Hurt

I Put my Faith & Trust in my SAVIOR JESUS and I Praise, Worship &Thank My LORD
Love him with all my Heart,Soul and Mind

Believing by Faith & Trust
I Recieve
No More Texts -No Calls
at all – No Blackmail at all and None of that Man B Causing Trouble for Me -Believing by Faith
For None and No More

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