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Dear God, Hey how have you been doing? It’s been a 2-3 weeks since our last talk. I know I hear you, yes I understand there has been a lot going on. Trust me I’m on your side you dont have to explain to me. I’ve been doing ok not bad thanks for asking, I have maybe a few things going on but well make together. I’ve done some of the things you asked me to do, yes I understand not all of them but I’m trying you have to trust me God. lol Thats was funny! Who does that tell jokes at a time like this. Can I ask you something God? Who is going to win the election? There you go again making jokes lol yeah yeah I know out of all the question that one hu! well I guess you feel the same way I do. Well to be honest I dont know were this is all going? Its not my place to ask your right and of course I see were your coming from I trust you.
Your the best thing that ever happen to me, to be honest a lot of people dont understand why I would stay up so many nights for days, weeks or months. I really think nobody ever considered I was talking with you. I know lol I remember the first time I thought I was crazy as well lol. I can no believe how incredible the conversations were that we shared I never heard some one speak that I never wanted to stop. Sometimes we would start chatting at 6 pm then 8am would roll around lol It seemed literally like 5-10 minutes.
I know I know I hate to ask you. yes I agree but look I never ask for much I know and no im not trying to break the rules. I just dont know it seems nobody feels safe
how about peace for your birthday lol
you so stupid of course thats a give me well what about a cure for the virus or a world hug. well I gotta go call me in a few hugs

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