Send the Right One Father

by Michele ()

Father I pray that You would take all the abuse and baggage and hurt disappointment lies betrayal selfishness self righteousness judgement accusation insecurity low self worth and turn into a wonderful glorious Miracle.
Send the one You Know is the Right One for me or send me to him.
I pray for his soul his spirit his heart and mind and body to be purified in You Christ Jesus as his Lord.
I pray for him to be prepared and waiting for the love he needs and wants.
I pray he is loved by You and hears Your voice and knows You well and deeply.
I pray he Trusts in You more than anything on this earth.
I pray he is filled with romance and adventure but is humble meek and gentle. That we bring out the best in each other and in all those close to us.
May we know each other deeply and understand each well because of Your Spirit which binds and unites us.
May we healed delivered and set free by Truth from You and the Truth You have placed in our broken lives coming together in Newness in You.
May we fulfill every plan calling and purpose that You have called us to and strengthen every other relationship we have because of our close walk with You and in our unity with each other in You. Amen

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