send my husband back home

by Patricia (Tx)

Lord Father in heaven I asked you today to catch my husband is mine and to send him home Laura asked the clothing on marriage send that you catch is mine and send him home when he supposed to be love wheel here seeking you right now Lord in a marriagemy husband left home after want to bury his mother and decided not to come back home he acted as if he did not have a wife Lord and Lord I know that is not your plan love to except all this you have done and all that you continue to do and I ask you to not let this death be a division but they togetherness to give my husband understanding of your word and that you said Lord who has finalized has found a good thing and I believe the Lord and your word I stand on faith that my husband will be home nada actually just to catch is mine its like I don’t know my husband anymore lord give me understanding of what is going on let me be submit it to my husband and give me the right words in my mouth Laura asked in my husband returned home in a timely manner its almost been 30 days

lord I thank you today so it is already done in Jesus name amen

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