send me an answer prayer

by moon ()

I live by the trees and rocks and a shore line; that will engulf the flesh of unbeaten life.
I live alone to the best of my agility when the wind knocks; I send a prayer that have an answer
I live my life better than others; i will never know when the enemy strikes and others are not aware.
the night is the thief at the time of rest and hopes of tomorrow; protected lives to live of this nightmare.
the cold is beat as it raced against the enemy to made our heart warming festivities and enlightened paths.
my life is hungry to feed no other with my feed all is worsted and non – available to me but have risen in numbers.

I ask in open outline I empower the writing technique and made worth of exchange a cold shoulder. I am once and for all taken of this hostage frame of world.
Please provide any resource to encounter my prayer of an answer I wish to lift my heart up to God as in forgiven lasting explanations lurked… I have my best to the enemy now all I need is God I wish never of this as my poem explains one takes one asks and one steals of life and flesh. In terms of condition my life is very well as in earth is for human and heaven and hell are for angels and demons there is only human life that exists I see why not to say the following: I am a human on earth I need not of any life other than what I have for myself. I ask in no heaven or worship for to fulfill my life and human minded sacrifices life. I am mad at the heaven and hell for my human life seems tricky I am mad at self as others need protection of my endangerment.
Thanks I pray of glorious light of day and best relaxation of night the harvest of food left me next to the dogs as animals feed.
I rely my message for heavenly answers and bare burdens to tacticle emplyment. *life of human is easy to live and others are just near.
I fear for my life I have none to spare I deadly speak of pain starvation of life and restless activity

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