send down a blessing of reunification

by KL (LA, CA)

Father God,

I send up this prayer thanking you for all that you have done for myself and my family. Lord, I am asking that you forgive me and my family for our sins and send down a blessing of reunification and forgiveness to cover my 2 sons, my father and myself. Rid us of the division, sadness, unforgivess, and fill the void with overwhelming love, support and happiness. Right every wrong, strengthen our bond and love for one another and make it stronger than ever. Repair broken relationships, heal broken hearts and provide us all with a renewed way of thinking. Lord I pray for the restoration of my son’s relationship with each other. Let any feeling that is not of you be removed and replaced with love. Strengthen their bond Lord so that NOTHING can come against it. Renew the relationship between my older son and my father. Remove the anger and pain and replace it with love. Last but not least Lord, I ask for prayer for your daughter. Strengthen me Lord to bear this load and continue to be the woman of faith you have called me to be. I stand in the gap, praying and interceding on behalf of my family and because I know that I serve a mighty God, I declare relationships healed and restored in the MIGHTY name of Jesus! I claim VICTORY for it is ALREADY done, in Jesus’ name
I do pray and thank God…Amen

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