Selling our family home, of 100 years

by Mary (Saint Paul, MN)

Dear St Joseph,

I pray you help us sell this family home, which has been in my family for 100 years, my great grandfather built and ran his dairy farm out of this house. Please St Joseph help me, I don’t know what to do to get this home sold.

I pray for a young family to come and see that with updating this house could be their home, to raise children, enjoy the large extra lot, int he middle of our city, and keep the integrity of the workmanship of this most beautiful home. Why it is not selling, I do not know, we have dropped the price several times.

Please Please Please, send someone soon. My husband can not keep up with the snow removel, and mowing, with his hips needing replacement. St Joseph, if you can help find us a smaller one level townhome, affordable , and not far from our family. I have worn your medal for years, and now have placed you near our for sale sign, please I beg you for help very soon.. Amen

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