Selling my houses, health, debt, job, stress

by Kannabeeran ()

I request for prayers to remove all neighbors who give nuisance always.

The neighborhood people and families are cheap, fake crooks who even loot money that was given to them for religious activities as donations. Some families have left from this place selling their houses.

I am trying to sell my houses and move away also. But since I am from a influential family, they are spoiling my efforts to sell my houses and always all day and night watching me, follow me everywhere using immoral males, females causing bad name. They are bribed for giving nuisances to me.

They are money-minded and therefore fool everyone here and outside with lies, rumours taking videos anonymously to continue their nuisances as proof to their gossips trying to live on others like me.

They fight with everyone and pull down anybody in the neighborhood to get money, or lucrative things.

I stopped even seeing them. But they purposely give trouble daily, all the time. Please pray for removing all above nearby nuisances as families and individuals. Please. Please Kindly pray for me. Please. Please. Kindly pray for me and my mother, our well-being

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