Selling my house

by Laura ()

Saint Joseph hear me. For two years I’ve been planning to sell my house so I can move closer to California to be with my mother and my sisters and my brother. All of us are getting up in age. I worked very hard to get to the point where I could actually move and sell my house with enough profit to be able to buy a new home. On July 15 I put my house up for sale, the sign wasn’t even up when I married couple who I understand we’re both veterans wanted the house. Because I’m from a military family I feel very good about veterans having my home, because I know that they care. Since the paperwork was signed there have been six delays in closing. This is caused me and my family emotional, physical, and financial stress to the point that I Have had to make it clear to the lender that if things are not done in a proper manner in a proper amount of time, I will walk away from this deal. So here is what I’m asking of you sweet Joseph and loving father of Jesus Christ. I need to close this house on Tuesday, September 10.
Please do not let anything else interfere with this. I cannot take much more. I am a single woman on a very strict budget and this is already financially hurting me. I have a place already set for you in a new home because I know sweet and wonderful Joseph that you are hand-in-hand with our God in Jesus Christ. Please take this burden away from me and even possibly the buyers Amen

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