by Eda Clarke ()

I need you to pray for my marriage, It is been wrecked by my mother in law and sister-in- law. My sister in law declared that she is going o break up my marriage. When I cook my husband does not partake of the meals I prepare him with any joy or gratitude. He always said don’t prepare me anything I am going by my mother to eat. He then brings back what his mother and sister cook and expect me to eat it, telling me how nice it taste and how well it was prepared. OH no! I can cook it has nothing to do with my cooking. I think if he stands up and say “I will be having family dinner this Sunday/ whatever day it is he loses credibility and sees himself as less of a man in their eyes. He constantly tries to be little me in the presence of is family. He seems to do it with such glee. Honestly I am exhausted trying to make things work. Yes I know prayer changes things it 20 years of this mess. I am expecting a miracle. Please pray! PleasePray!

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