Self-healing of the body passing my driving test healing blood clots healing of the brain

by Miss. Patricia (3655.E Sahara Ave Apt. 1071. Arcadia Palms Westland Apartment In Las Vegas Nevada)

Need wisdom and knowledge need wisdom one wanna have the rights prayer for mail going to other places other people stealing my mail want to live in a nice home and not an old apartment fix my financial so my kids can not talk back at me want to know what a resume is how to talk to a lawyer about anything fix my finance changes in my life turn my life around knowing what to say to a judge and how to talk to a judge or a lawyer is has done in years I haven’t had a job because of Social Security don’t want to be homeless grandkids taking care of a baby my daughter’s baby bad things about to happen I don’t know if it’s going to happen but I don’t know and I really like to cook but I don’t have a decent place to live a new home I can’t affordable and knowing how to count at the age of 54 I need to learn how to work knowing how to find work I want to pass my driving test at age of 54 I don’t know how to drive up to Dr no one seems to want to help me

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