Seeking strength, a pure heart

by Single Mother Of Two ()

Lord I know I’m not the most perfect person in the world but I also know that I am not the worst. I have sinned and for that I am asking for forgiveness. Lord I ask that you show me the way and lead me to the right path. I am paying for my consequences everyday that live.

I live in a world where people judge me everyday and make me feel as if I’m not a bad person. Lord I know that you do everything for a reason but Lord despite of what every body say my kids are not a mistake but yet a blessing. I ask that you continue to make me the best mother I can be to my son and my unborn and I ask that you take all the negative people out my life and keep me in my right mind.

I know things will be hard as a single mother of two kids but I know that you didn’t bring me this far to leave me. Although my child’s father is telling me to have an abortion you telling me to keep my head held high and continue to walk by faith. Glory and all praises be to you in Jesus name I pray by faith I call it done