seeking prayer for family

by Kristen (Fl)

My husband is the sole provider in our home and he is in commission sales. We have 3 young sons and the past month things have gotten really bad. We are in real need of God’s amazing grace. My husband’s inability to provide has caused him severe depression to the point that our marriage is I’m ruins due to him wanting to abandon our family. I have gone to family and church but getting help is extremely difficult and I am alone I’m this as he has checked out and left me to fix things. I am asking for prayer that he can get the customers he needs or can find a new job before we are evicted. We don’t have our rent for November and I have no idea how to get it at this point. I have been praying and reading the word daily but my husband has turned away from God. Pray that he turns to God and that God would provide some way.

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