Seeking Peace in Employment

by Francina (Whitestone, NY)

I am currently working at a place for just a few weeks.

But I feel so uncomfortable there and every day that I am there, I feel more anxious and stressed. There is much information to absorb and learn, and the morale just doesn’t encourage to feel and act to my very best of my abilities. Instead of being relieved of finding a job, I feel trapped that this is the best that I can do and I feel trapped. I have another interview later on this week. I would a prayer of support that I will find a situation that gives me peace in my heart.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    I will pray for you

    I am in the exact same situation. I feel so trapped in my new job. I know this is not a good place for me but must stay and support my family. I thank God everyday that at least I have a job – so many other people do not and if I did not have this job and was unemployed I would be so grateful to get hired here. I think that is best way to make it through this and just know that somehow this job is preparing us for the real, perfect job God is preparing for us. Hang in there….please God help this person get to the place they are meant to be! I know how hard this is – please give us both strength until you open the correct door. Amen

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