Seeking financial help for difficult times

by Jeff (Fletcher, North Carolina)

Dear Lord,

I pray to you now as I am in need of immediate finances to help me feel hope and to see me through these difficult times. I am trying not to worry and want so very much to believe that everything will be okay, but as each day passes I find less and less reason to continue forward and cannot seem to see a purpose in my life.

Try as I might, things never seem to work for me. As much as I make the effort to pursue my dreams, to look for a job, to get myself to a better place, it seems that the harder I try the less the results. I have been through many lonely days, wondering what was next, feeling a failure.

So I ask you to please help me. Please be instrumental in bringing money into my life. I know that I do not need to worry about how or by what means but only that I have the faith that you will provide. Thank you with all my heart.

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  1. Thank you, Dear Lord

    Dear Lord,

    Thank you for your recent financial blessing and for answering my prayers. For bringing those into my life who were in a position to assist me. You are truly an Awesome God and I am so very fortunate.

    Truly, you have sent a miracle.

  2. Too bad

    It is too bad that the scammers should try to post fake replies of help to those like myself who seek that help. Do you think that your fake reply to my post is going help me? That offering your ‘loan’ is going to fool me? Whoever you are, I feel sorry for you that you feel this need to try to take advantage of people. Please. Take your lies and go far away. Shame on you.

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