Seeking Employment and also to help put my marriage back together after more than 10 years

by Joseph (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada)

Dear St. Jude, Patron Saint for hopeless cases, please intercede for me to God our Heavenly Father and to His Divine Son Jesus and to the Holy Spirit of God to help me get a job and get back into the workforce. I have been searching for jobs for over a year now and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel of despair.

I also pray to you dear Saint Jude to ask God to restore my marriage with my dear wife Sandra whom I still love even after more than 10 years of separation caused by divorce. I miss my marriage, I miss my wife Sandra and I miss our three children very much. My only daughter came and stayed with me for three days and I was very happy to have her presence around me but today she had to go back to her mother’s home and it broke my heart to see her go. I miss family life. I am a lonely and distraught father with deep pain in my heart because I miss my family.

Please Saint Jude, I’ve started a 9 day novena today and I ask for your help so that I will get a job soon (I have a job interview on the 20th) and also to restore my marriage with Sandra. Thank you Saint Jude, Thank you dear God, Thank you dear Jesus and Thank you divine Holy Spirit. (March 14, 2012)

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  1. Thank you Jesus, Thank you St Jude

    My job interview on March 20th 2012 went very well and I got the job with excellent salary and the company also gave me a fully loaded Dodge Ram 1500 and a company credit card in my name. In August 2012, I finally bought my own home… I blessed it before moving in and I consecrated and dedicated my home to God our Heavenly Father, to Jesus His only begotten Son and to the Holy Spirit.

    Today is July 10th 2013 and I thank our Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit every day for all the wonderful gifts and blessings I have received and continue to receive in abundance every day.

  2. Your not alone

    I am going thru similar situations right now,today I started my novena ,and I will include you in my prayers .good luck ,hang in have a spiritual brother.genaro

  3. Job Interview

    My job interview on March 20th. went very well. Before I left home, I prayed to St Jude to stand beside me at the interview and give me courage and confidence and help me. I am now parying that St Jude will help me get this job as the employer told me after the interview that he would get in touch with me the next day or the day after.

    I have another job interview this afternoon and am placing all my faith, hope and trust in St Jude to intercede on my behalf to God and to Jesus to help me again.

  4. Best Wishes

    Dear friend, I have only the best wishes and prayers for you. How did your interview go on the 20th? Super,I hope.Keep strong in your faith.

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