seek prayer

by Mary F ()

Dear bros in Christ,
Please pray for me
1. Bring Dushane back home and make him stay in this house.
2. DuShane sleeps during the day timeand moves around at night
Bless him with a day time normal working hours good salary permanent job suitable for a family life.
Change his lifestyle to keep awake and work during the day. Rest and sleep at night.
Please bless the day time for him Lord. Plan and prepare a list of job and activities that he needs
to do during the day for a better health, life and future. Make him wake up at 6.30 am
follow your prepared task for the day and be at home by 7pm.
Stop him fr smoking and drinking alcohol
He’s your child. He needs to be covered and wrapped by your cloak at all times, saved and protected fr
all harms, dangers, evil, satanic powers and witchfraft, fr all sickness, pains and suffering. Full life protection.
3. Lord God knows my pains. I had very little time with dushane since the day he ws born. Now hes a young man.
I struggled to put and bring him back to the right
place and make him successful in his education. But all my Plans and hardwork destroyed by evil ppl,
They pushed him down and make me see him fall and shattered with my own two eyes.
Lord all that is gone and cannot be reversed .
At least now bless me to c my son in a good shape.control his size.
Grant him a slim and slender body.
Make him take good care of his size and loose by 50%. You live in him lord. All is possible with your presence in him.
Please slim his body. C how he walks with his chest protruded. Straighten his chest and walk in a humble manner.
4. Bless him with a suitable life partner in marriage
Having destroyed his education which girl will marry him Lord
5. That’s why Lord himself you yourself find a suitable soul mate for him and YOU
YOURSELF to stand in front and solemnise DuShane and his chosen
soul mate marriage. Live with them Lord. Guide and protect them always.
6.. Since Catholic church has got deacons now, bless him to be one.
From now onwards make him come to church with me and get involved in church activities

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