Securing Clean, Safe Housing

by Disa ()

Hi there…eternal thank you for your faithful prayers. Please pray that I will find clean, safe housing so that can remove myself from the midst of a narcissist who is in my life. The owners of the house i was a tenant in for almost seven years had to sell their home super quickly to send funds for their family members back home to Ukraine (amidst the turmoil created by unjust war).

Unfortunately I’ve been forced to live with a family member who is emotionally & psychologically abusive towards me; the only reason she wanted me to stay with her was because she thought i was receiving loads of funds from the government (disability or something?) so she’d be lining her pockets & rolling in money, I don’t even know? I would just overhear her cackling with this troublemaker “friend” (whom she speaks horribly about). When she discovered that wasn’t & wouldn’t be the case, she revealed her true (familiar) self. Abusive & more gross & disgusting than you might expect a mother would treat her daughter.

If it was just the lying, half-truths & embellishments I might be able to withstand her wickedness. But as there is only one bed, she’s doing disgusting stuff that should be done in private (if even at all…she’s considers herself “staunch Anglican”, yet hasn’t stepped foot in a church for many years mostly due to ppl figuring out what she is & nobody would put up with her nonsense). I’ve given her loads of alone time/private time. It’s only when I have to come into the room to sleep, then she starts her nasty behaviour & that’s how I know she’s doing this gross stuff on purpose (like I’m not trying desperately to get out of that hellish place). I’ve been patient & forgiving, but with this personality…she looks at that as weakness & a green light to continue kicking the dog (while she bows at the throne of her true god/husband/saviour who is her son & the woman who is pushing out babies while treating him like he’s worth nothing). These ones she holds in high regard & worships at their throne while she has a decent daughter who everyone else seems to like. But a wise old Christian woman once told me, “You need to come to terms with who she is”. I’ve been hoping for change as I pray for her & try with her; she’s simply not interested. She’s so jealous of the fact that the family that I met at my old neighbourhood took to me so quickly & genuinely that to this day, I consider & call them my second family!

How good is our Holy Heavenly Abba?? He sees the longstanding wickedness of my family & He sends a beautiful, loving God-fearing family to help heal some damage! Please, please, please pray that I get into decent, clean & safe housing in a decent clean & safe neighbourhood. While I seek counselling for this sad experience I’ve lived for about a year, I’m still thankful that my mum helped me with somewhere to stay for over a year as I’ve to tried find somewhere safe to stay. But with her is not safe…she is not safe. I’ve known this since I was a twelve year old girl when she called me things that a mother should never, ever call her child, especially since it wasn’t then & still isn’t true today! It’s just been crystallized now that I’m an adult.

I guess I always thought she’s just having a bad day or she must be going through something…making excuses for her demonic behaviour. Imagine the elder kid being more mature than the parents? Shameful! I can say this now, because i now know that it wasn’t me & it never was. And I know that that dysfunctional & emotionally abusive environment was not the norm. I don’t know why I thought she would be different in her old age; she’s much worse…probably because I’m able to stand up for myself now…and she despises me for it. Needless to say I just need to flee, dust off my feet, pray for my enemies from afar (yes family members can & are enemies too, I’ve learned). I haven’t tried to invite her to my church or even events at other churches. I’ve stuck my earbuds in & listened to podcasts, the Bible online & worship! And she despises me & begrudges me my Joy despite the evil way she treats me.

Our God is a mighty & Faithful God! Thank You LORD Jesus for Your Shalom & protection! Thanks for your prayers dear prayer warriors in Christ…eternal thanks!

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