Second Chance

Dear Lord, I come to you to ask for your help to give my relationship with the love of my life a second chance. Please open her mind and her heart to see how important I am to her and how much she loves me. Let her remember the things we’ve been through the good times and the bad times. Make her see that despite the difficulties we sticked with each other until the end. Please destroy the wall she’s creating between us. Make her realize that relationship is based on communication and that everything may be resolved once talked over. Please take away the loneliness in her heart and replace it with much love for me. Make her realize that i didnt mean to take her forgranted and make her see that these are all part of a relationship. Please make her realize that she made her decision based on her emotions while she was lonely for being taken forgranted and sad for being the one to always exert effort. Please make her realize that I am important to her and that she wants to save our relationship us much as I want to save it. Please make her see all of these while we are apart and make her decide to come back. This I ask through Christ our Lord , Amen.

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