Scared, worried, stressed, anxiety, sleepless nights, broke, hopeless, jobless

by Rosemary LoScerbo ()

LORD JESUS HEAR MY PRAY, I want to first thank you for everything. I’ve extremely worried, stressed, lost, very negative about my life. I’ve always kept with a positive attitude but no matter hard I try things never worked out for me. I’ve been unemployed since Dec 2019, been applying for jobs and even gone through agencies, but their also useless, I thought the job I applied too was a sure thing (like many others I’ve done in the past), but the agency let me down. I sometimes wonder these kinds of places and I feel them up to no good. Their never helpful, they always say nonsense, more qualified candidates, or overwhelming applicants. If that is the case they what’s the point even wasting my time with these agencies. See what I mean either way it never works out for me. These agencies I feel they only pretend to help me but only looking out for themselves. What also concerns me that even though I learn Microsoft office in school, I never really used them because they were never a requirement. Lord, I have a big loan to pay from college ($20,000.00) and the government stated to me they don’t care if I’m struggling with getting a job in my field (admin, clerical, data entry, reception experience), the government stated if you don’t pay on a monthly basis you will have bad credit and be charged interested. It concerns me deeply because I don’t have much in my account and worried about what I I will have left and then I will be even in more big trouble. God! I need your help, please. I do pray requests all the time but nothing ever happens.

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