say a little prayer for this family too

by Anonymus (Bismark North Dakota)

GodI just ask in your son name that this prayer resonate through the universe o everyone who reads it will say a little prayer for this family too.

God, we pray that they all be forgiven for their transgressions and that you God overlook any backsliding too. Wipe the slates clean and let this family come to you to renew their strength and start each day with a positive and better outlook because they will know that you have touched their lives in a way that only God can and that’s by giving them the gift of a mother over the years. Although it’s coming for the time is drawing near that she will come forward to meet you God, she is still their mother while here and we ask that she be comforted from the pain physically and mentally with whats she about to face. We ask that when it comes time that she not be faced with adversity and that she graciously accept the invitation from only you God that will be handed to her and that she feel the welcome reception of peace and contentment in your precence. We ask that the ones that need you most will step forward and ask you directly for direction and that they all as a family seek you out dear God fo a constant source of comfort and blessings threee fold. He will gather us up and make anew our spirit and our life to worship His Holy Name for ever and ever.
God I know that you are a worker of many miracles and can have your way in a blink of an eye. So it be your will it be your way. I give personal thanks in advance in your son jesus name. Amen

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