Saving the farm

by James (Shreveport, Louisiana, USA)

My father died in 2012. He left my brother and I about 570 acres of land. My brother does not want to retain it, and I don’t have the $1 million needed to keep it in the family.

The land is special to the family and I would truly like to have the money to keep the land and also turn it into a retreat where Christians and others can come and have retreats. That, of course, would take millions. I would like to have the money to buy the land and create the retreat.

We have struck a tentative deal to sell the land and it is killing my soul to have to sell it.

I beg God to please provide the funds to me today to either nix the deal and buy the land from my brother (I get some from the sale and need the money) or, in lieu thereof, immediately repurchase the land from the buyer. Then to have the funds to build the retreat and manage and live off of it.

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