Saving of Marriage

by Sharon (Trinidad)

I offer up this prayer for the restoration of my nephew and his wife’s marriage. They are currently going through serious domestic issues which if left unresolved can lead to separation. I pray that they will seek God at this time and continue to do so at all times and remember that they brought a baby into this world who is totally dependent on them and is in need of their care and attention. I pray that they will come together and discuss their problems so that they can be resolved. Lord God I am calling upon you for your intervention as their marriage is now in a desperate situation. I pray that there will be an end to any physical and verbal abuse. I pray that all issues will be resolved peacefully and amicably and there will be no violence. I pray that tempers and tongues will be kept in check. Please save their marriage dear God. I pray that peace, love, harmony, honour and respect will be restored in their marriage. I know that with God all things are possible. I sincerely offer up these prayers as I believe they will be answered. Amen.

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