Saving my Marriage

by Dawn Skinner (Morgantown WV)

My husband moved out 17 days ago and moved with his parents. He started saying the “D” word right away. And his parents are all for it.

We haven’t talked about this. He never said anything to me. He started depressing med on April 14. This is a Christian Marriage. He now what’s to remove me from our home because I won’t sign papers. My kids from my first marriage is our problem. They are of age. They moved back in.
I am in agreement with my Husband for them to leave. But the kids refuse to leave and my husband left first. I want my husband back and the kids out but Rob says to much has happened and he won’t be back.
I haven’t stopped praying. I know My God is all powerful. I am trusting in Him to soften Robs heart and reconcile his marriage with me. God is the only ONE who can save this Marriage. So please start praying for us please

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