Saving my marriage and my husband

by Linda (San Francisco)

Dear Lord, its been awhile since my husband has acted like my husband and fought for his marriage. He walked away and never looked back and brought a third party into our lives destroying all we built and hurting our family beyond the relms of realization, as we were all in total disbelief. Please humble my husband and make him remember and get back to his senses to see what he has done and beg for forgiveness and not only to talk but to show his intent that he is shamed and wants us to open our arms to welcome him back into our lives. He has remained at arms distance from all of us, but once he can forgive himself, he can work on forgiveness to me, his wife and the rest of the kids and extended family. He looks pitiful and lost. Please bring him back to us the loving way he was for all of the many years we were and still are married. Once he falls on his knees and cries out loud for us to forgive him, he will find himself healed, as he has been hiding and living in evil with this young girl, and baby he says he has fathered, as a married man. Please Lord God, bring my husband back to asking me not to file for the divorce and to ask for a healing chance to work things out between us, as there is a huge mess to clean up that he created. Please help me be merciful and try to forgive him, as hard as that will be. My time to file is near, and unless he speaks up, I believe he is in accord with the divorce and I have no choice but to file. As painful as that will be, my heart will break, but I cannot be in this relationship alone. My husband has to want to change for fear of loosing me and for no other reason other than that he still LOVES me and misses and wants to reconcile to the life we had before. Nothing would please me more than to see him show emotion of fear of loosing me and my family. Lord so much has happened, as only you know how much I have suffered and cried almost up to this day on a daily basis. I miss him desperately and only you and God with the Holy Spirit can save this marriage. I would hope that we could include our faith back into our lives so that we could rejoice and praise The Lord, God, and the Holy Spirit for bringing us back together once again. Praise and Joy will be our life and love if in truth you decide you want this to happen, and if you do, so shall it be done. Thank you, from my profound heart and whole being for saving my marriage, and thus, saving my life. But, if you decide that it cannot be so, than please help me get through this difficult time and give me the strength I am going to need to desolve our marriage. Please see it in your heart to bring me someone to love, who understands me and will help me get through this as well. My future and life are in your hands and I pray for acceptance of your decision, as you and only you have my master plan and I cannot deviate from that. With all my love, Amen

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