Saving My Girlfriend

Dear Heavenly Father, I come upon you for profound prayer for me and my girlfriend. Lord i thank you for time you let us all live in this earth. For the love you let us receive and give each other. Lord of everlasting grace, I come here to ask for a prayer to save my girlfriend.. I do love her with all my being and willingly to change for the better.. Lord, I know you forgive those that enter into change once in a life time. Your son died for me and for girlfriend . I want my girlfriend to realize that what is she doing is wrong on cheating on me..
She deserves better, i have seen her in pain and daiting wrong man.. I always comfort her and loved her in every single day and every way protecting her and praying for her and her family. Now she wants to see if that man who is she dating or me ; who will stay to very end me or man she dating currently.. Lord, i want to go to Philippians and meet her parents as i promised her. I am willing to change to grow and mature to be the man in her dreams.. She loves me as such as we go of planning our future together. I am humble,honest and sincere man. Lord give me the strength for me and my girlfriend strength our relationship lend us wisdom so we can fix this relationship . Lord i treat her as my future wife.. i know relationships are meant for obstacles and challenges to over come.. Lord deliver us from evil and temptation ..

In bible
Ephesians 5:25: “For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her.”
In Jesus name i pray

I caught my girlfriend in the act of cheating on Facebook..since we were dating for 3 years.. She was from Philippians at age of 18 in her senior year this year graduating on December..As we both promised to see each other 4 years.. now she loves this boy and me..I’m from Texas, at age 21 i’m working hard at community college, learning everything i must to be a man .. I’m fighting against the uncertainty if i do leave her i will let him win.. I plead for my brothers and sisters to lend me aid to save my girlfriend she maybe young but i am willing go the extra mile . She believes in God she’s blinded by her own self pity what she has become.. I love her with all that i am..
Please pray with me.

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