saving from eviction of business premise due to the rent unable to pay

by Augustine (Dubai ,U.A.E)

my name is Augustine i own a small company in Dubai since 1997 (20 years) since 2010 due to global recession effect i suffered big loss since then i have gone through all difficulty prayer and faith in Jesus save me and my family . till now , this month 31 (august ) i must pay my company rent approximately 3500 us$ otherwise i must vacate the premise.

i am praying for a break through of my company’s income , also to get a investor or buyer of the company. please pray for me and my family . last seven years we are living in pain full life everyday we are passing through pain full experience . now we are praying for an end for this situation we don’t know what is the god’s wish,and why we have to suffer this long period
my children education dis continued last 5 years , due to the visa penalty we are not able to travel our home country India last 8 years,
we have invested everything in this business we have nothing in our home country we do n’t know what to do.
every plan we make need finance other than that anything i do get failed.
so hear i am humbly i request you please pray for me and advice me if i have correct my self
with prayer

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