Saving and Strengthening Our Marriage!

by Mary Anne (Chicago)

PLEASE, PRAY for the SAVING and STRENGTHENING of Our MARRIAGE! My dear husband and I were married in August 2013, and he separated from November 2013, seeking divorce! We met through Our Lady, Queen of the Holy Angels, are practicing Catholics and had a misunderstanding blown out of proportion. Our challenges are completely reconcilable.

We both intend well and have helped each other grow in grace. Please, pray my husband accepts and loves me as his wife, reconciling with me to save and strengthen our marriage…. I love him so deeply. We need a MIRACLE! PLEASE, URGENTLY pray for the SAVING and STRENGTHENING of our once-grace-filled and very beautiful marriage, as it is IN the courts. We have court on Feb. 21. How exponentially horrible! Thank you and may God continue blessing you and your families via the Immaculate Heart of His Blessed Mother!

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