Saving a Marriage

Dear Lord,

I am in very bad situation right now. My husband is living together with a 26 year old son, I just found this out recently when my husband got. Now he does not accept that he doing this to our family. I have talked to the girl but she does not believe that we are still very much married because my husband told her that we have separated a long long time ago. My first decision was to separate with him but my children and other relatives do not like us to separate. I still love my husband very much. I also do not like to be separated from him. He told the girl that he has chosen her in favor of me. I think they have a plan of living together permanently. Please pray for that my husband and the girl will do the right thing so that they will not continue to live in sin. I have told my husband to leave the girl but it seem he has no plans of doing this. Until now he still goes to their house. I am deeply hurt and I do not know what to do. My job has been affected already and so are my children. No matter how I talk to the girl to also leave my husband she said she cannot do it. She is very dependent on my husband in terms of financial resources. I would agree that my husband will support the child as long as they separate from each other. Please help pray to the LORD ALMIGHTY that they will make the right decison by separating from each permanently. Please pray for the girl also that she will have a better life when she separate from my husband. My heart goes out to the girl because she does what my husband tells her to do. I feel she is being manipulated by my husband. I told the girl that I will do everything to save my marriage and she says she will also do everything to let my husband stay with her and her son.


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