Save what is left of our family Lord, please.

by Pauline (Palm Beach County)

Dear God.. Please bring peace and good mental health to my brother.. Help him to refrain from irresponsible behaviors resulting from his lack of judgement. Please send forth the holy spirit to guide him in his morals, actions and deeds so as he may be restored to be become a better father and brother.. Please intercede for him with regard to his wife who threatens and bullies me with unwavering contempt. She has brought into this family stress, hostility and cunning that borders on illegal. Please protect us particularly me from her wrath, as it is me his wife targets the most. I have never felt more desserted and isolated from my brother. While I have come to accept this situation with them being married for more than a decade, I need you to intercede and protect us because of his decision to stay with her.

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