save our relationship reawaken our love

by Rosie (Mississauga, Ontario)

Dearest Heavenly Lord,

I humbly ask for a blessing a miracle in our lives between steve and myself that you unite us again bring us closer and closer until we can be together physically as a blended family with his son and my two kids. I ask that you woo his hardened heart and fill him with light and love that will bring him back to me back to us. He knows our love is real and lasting but he has been scared and closed off please enter him Dear Lord and show him that it is now safe to believe in love and that he can finally give and receive unconditional love without being scared. Take away all doubts or fears and bring him straight into my arms for the rest of our days so we can have joy and laughter and fun and romance true love beyond our dreams.
For this I humbly pray

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